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In 2018, the traffic originated from smartphones will be greater than all of the traffic in 2015 across all device types—PCs, tablets, laptops and phones For the first time, traffic from social networks will exceed 5% of all traffic. Instagram is up 51% from 2017 in
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The average retail transaction value as of 2018 was $53.98. (Vend, 2018) The average gross margin in retail as of 2018 was 50.96%. (Vend, 2018) Gloom and doom for big traditional retailers While injecting much-needed life into the global economy, the surge of
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The web is chock full of awesome research, survey results, and insights about retail. You could spend hours digging around looking for quotable bits of information. (Trust me. I did.) To make it easy for you, I compiled 100 different statistics about retail, eCommerce
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Traffic Monitoring Handbook – PDF 6 MB – July 2018 – How to perform traffic data collection. Contact: Joey Gordon, 850-414-4005 Project Traffic Forecasting Handbook – How to forecast traffic for analysis of future highway projects.
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Land Transport Authority / 07 Nov 2018 A point representation of the traffic sign that help to regulate, warn, guide or inform all road users. LTA Silver Zone Land Transport Authority / 07 Nov 2018 The layer contains the silver zone boundaries in Singapore
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This article was first published in January 2018. This is the Carousel Mall in San Bernardino, California, which closed in 2017. The mall had been hanging by a thread after it lost its two main
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 · Data about motor-vehicle accidents gives the big picture of the hazard on America’s roadways Since motor vehicle collisions are a leading cause of injury and death for people across all ages, ethnicities, regions, and economic groups, the study and analysis of accident data is a primary goal of regional and national government agencies, to understand the hazards and take steps to … MENU - traffic statistics - HypeStat
Parking lot accidents: statistics, causes, and liability
Parking lots are a common sight in the US and so are accidents that take place in them. A staggering one of every five motor vehicle accidents take place in a parking lot, and 14% of all claims of auto damage involve collisions therein. One of the major reasons
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15 Top US Cities for Human Trafficking in 2018
 · Listing the 15 top US cities for human trafficking in 2018 was our duty and obligation, not only as help and possible guidance for potential victims, but also our way of overthrowing of prejudice
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2018 O.I.S. Shootings and Critical Incidents
It is the mission of the LAPD to safeguard the lives and property of the people we serve. To reduce the incidence and fear of crime, and to enhance public safety while working with the diverse communities to improve their quality of life. Our mandate is to do so with
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Mall of America® is the state’s most recognized landmark and welcomes more than 40 million annual visitors, forty percent of whome travel from outside of 150 miles, and is the number one tourist destination in the Midwest. More than onebillion people have visited
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Ecommerce Fashion Industry: Statistics 1. Industry-Wide Data Cumulative data compiled within The Fashion and Apparel Industry Report paints a bright portrait with worldwide revenue expected to rise from $481.2 billion in 2018 to $712.9 billion by 2022: Data via
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Ecommerce is booming worldwide and, in Australia, there’s no exception. Last year, we Australians spent a total of A$28.6 billion (US$20.3 billion) on online shopping. As of January 2019, online shopping is responsible for 9% of Australia’s total retail sale. Statista predicts that by the end of this year Australian online businesses will see a 15.1% growth in revenue.
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Sex Trafficking And The Super Bowl : NPR

 · DAVID GREENE, HOST: OK. There’s a dark side to the Super Bowl. America’s biggest sporting event may also be America’s biggest sex-trafficking event. Out …
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Traffic Data
Traffic Data Under Mayor de Blasio’s comprehensive traffic safety initiative, Vision Zero , and in an effort to improve street safety in every neighborhood and reduce traffic-related injuries and deaths, the NYPD aggressively targets drivers who:
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Las Vegas Visitor Statistics
Year-End Summary for 2018 Historical Visitation Statistics: 1970-2020 A historical review of key Las Vegas tourism indicators from 1970 to present. Historical 1970 to 2020 – Updated Contact Our Research Team Looking for additional data or resources? Get in
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The statistics below are based on the contacts — phone calls, texts, online chats, emails, and webforms — received by the NHTH that reference Michigan. To protect the identity of the people we serve, the NHTH does not disclose exact statistics related to venues, industries, or caller information when referenced fewer than three times.
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Singapore Tourism Statistics 2021
In 2018, approximately 18.5 million international tourists visited Singapore. This represented a 6.22% increase on the numbers in 2017, when 17.4 million tourists visited Singapore. In the Jan-May 2019 period, 7.8 million international tourists arrived in Singapore, up 1.49% on the same period in 2018.