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Montreal Simon: Why Do the Liberals Hate Young People So Much?

7 Reasons Why Liberals Are Incapable of Understanding …

 · Taking being non-judgmental to the level that liberals do leaves them paralyzed, pondering “why they hate us” because they feel incapable of saying, “That’s wrong,” and doing something about it.
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Here’s why conservatives and liberals differ on COVID-19

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, political ideology has been perhaps the strongest predictor of consumers’ perceptions of the coronavirus’ threat. Citation: Here’s why conservatives and liberals
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Why do liberals think they are so smart?
Ultimately the liberals’ sin is their smugness. Not even so much because most people recoil from the assumption of superiority, both intellectual and moral, by those who have accomplished nothing exceptional in life except for reliably voting and “thinking” liberal, as if casting a vote the “correct” way slaps 30 points on to your IQs and counts for 100 hours of community service and child
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Why are liberals more afraid of the coronavirus than …

Why are liberals more afraid of the coronavirus than conservatives? Ezra Klein 5/21/2020 Fact check: Altered image used to falsely claim CNN called Boulder suspect ‘morally white’
Are the Liberals really done for?

If Liberals Are More Intelligent Than Conservatives, …

 · If they are more intelligent, why are liberals — especially those in Hollywood and academia — so much more likely than conservatives to say and do stupid things and hold incredulous beliefs
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Why Do Liberals Unfriend People Over Politics? …

 · Every now and then, a new article (or a repost of an old one) makes the rounds on social media discussing how liberals are more likely to unfriend people …
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Why are lattes associated with liberals?
In a forthcoming paper titled Why Do Liberals Drink Lattes? for the American Journal of Sociology, Michael W Macy of Cornell University studied whether political ideology correlated with lifestyle
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Why do liberals blame everyone else for their …

According to Jung, we all think in one of the Four Functions. Liberals think Intuitively. Conservatives think with Feelings. The Libitarians think Logically. Apparently the Masses think with Sensations, and that is why all parties debate in order
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Conservatives Hate Postmodernism, and Liberals Don’t …

So this is my formulation of why conservatives and liberals are talking past one another about postmodernism. Liberals are talking about it from the perspective of a way of looking at art and
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Why do liberals hate Ben Shapiro so much?
I am not a liberal but a radical independent, a libertarian socialist, but I will give my answer of why I cannot stand Ben Shapiro: it is not his intelligence turned to bad causes or his quick wit, used to demean, but his dishonesty, his bad faith
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Why Liberals Identify with Criminals
 · Liberals hate cops, honest citizens with guns, and hard sentencing laws because liberals identify with criminals. When visiting a Federal prison Obama summarized the view of liberals …
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Why Liberals and Conservatives Think So Differently
 · Why Liberals and Conservatives Think So Differently Research helps explain the divide between the political left and right. Posted Feb 27, 2017 SHARE TWEET EMAIL 33 …
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Why do liberals blame trump for Biden’s fuckup at the …

 · Why do liberals blame trump for Biden’s fuckup at the border? Ilickvulvas Xper 6 Follow Facebook Twitter 1 0 They blame Trump for it being underfunded and staffed when the reality is he didn’t allow illegals to cross and ordered them to be held in Mexico which
Why Do Liberals Glorify Tyrants?
Liberals Why You Vote Blue? Born Free Die Free 24m11s America THIS Is How You Deal With Authoritarianism! @GreggHuestis67 & Thecitizenjournalist.news $0.02 earned 1m34s Playing With Love Birds SuzieandDoves 21s I m in love with birds Kady1617 $0
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Why do liberals hate highways?
That’s why people moved to the suburbs in the first place. So for all these spurious reasons, traffic won’t be a problem! Liberals who call for the demise of highways also call for more spending
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Why do liberals oppose tax cuts for billionaires?
 · Don’t they realize it makes good economic sense? If billionaires get tax cuts then it means they have more money to make jobs and to spend buying things which means more people can be employed and that the economy grows. Taxing the rich like liberals want to do leads to loss of jobs and outsourcing. Since they create jobs for us and buy stuff that goes into the salaries of people that work …
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Why do liberals buy guns? : gunpolitics

And if I think 4 more years of Trump will lead liberals out of this religious-like hysteria they’re in, or if it’s just going to further accelerate that hysteria. I do believe the current liberal “woke” movement is the single most destructive social movement in the last 50 years.
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Why do liberals hate white people?
 · White liberals even hate themselves because some rich big shots like soros pumps out nonsense propaganda in universities and fake news. The people behind the curtain probably cant believe so many white liberals are stupid enough to embrace the nonsense foolish liberal propaganda and surrender their country.